Pro Sistem Indonesia understands that communication is one of the key factors in the company productivity, we know that business operations need fast and secure connectivity. By integrating network infrastructure we can help your company to overcome any IT issue. We assist you to make your entire network infrastructure interconnected, and can be used for internal communications, external communications or both. Our solutions include:

  • Providing high-speed internet access,
  • Maintaining and protecting the network scalability and security,
  • Developing advanced routing and switching, voice over IP, building & campus network, wireless solution, WAN optimization, bandwidth management, structured cabling, load balancer and network management.

Data Center and virtualization Solution

Data Center and Infrastructure virtualization allows automation in the entire IT infrastructure, it can increase administrative control and data security and also reduce operational costs. Pro Sistem Indonesia combines servers, networking, management, and storage access in a single management structure. We help to optimize available resources and application, advance storage usage, prioritize the information, decrease data duplication, and speed up analysis as well as data retrieval.

Other than that, with thousand of IT assets owned by the company, we offer data center Infrastructure solution that integrates components of system management with building management and energy management, maintaining data center availability to increase server uptime with optimum service, to reduce risk, and to boost IT productivity. The data center facilities may includes cabling system, mechanical system, heating ventilating & air conditioning system, humidification and dehumidification equipment, electrical system, fire protection and detection system, environment monitoring system, raised floor, rack system, access control system, data center layout, partition and leaking detection.

Regarding the security system, we provide tools that are able to secure your grid environment physically and virtually. Our security devices comprise of update firewall, smart collaborative intrusion detection and prevention system, virtual private network, secure web access, user policy engineering, network posture assessment & admission control, security monitoring system, security information & management solution, antivirus solution, and application firewall.