Giving a great hospitality experience to the guests is the main purpose of your hotel service, fast network connection, guest safety, and comfortable room facilities are part of the experience. Through our hotel solution you may improve the energy efficiency and enhance comfort for your guests. We provide solution that cut energy cost, low cost in the installation, and friendly device to use.

IT Infrastructure

The hotel’s network infrastructure generally includes the guest room network, office network, and the video surveillance network, we help to maintain the availability of access to in-house and cloud applications while maintaining the speed and bandwidth of network connection in the property.

Building Management

We offer a building system integration that can manage the room temperature and air conditioning, lighting, occupancy control and indoor air quality through one simple device. The device comes with digital interface that is easy to customize and some selection icons providing access to all informative data and controlling tools. The room controller is equipped with automatic switch system for energy saving, wireless monitoring and control devices can also be used with the room controller, allowing for maximum configuration and flexibility.

Security and Safety

To maintain the safety of all people and assets in the hotel, we facilitate the integration of security system with other building systems to create a single dashboard with real-time monitoring and instant fault notification and escalation. It provides emergency lighting, alarms, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection, and video surveillance. With all these facilities, we can help the hotel avoid security threats.