IT Solution and Service

Pro Sistem Indonesia builds innovative technology design and solution for various industries, we follow what customers expect from us and the specific requirements they want. We know that different industry has different expectation, which is why our service is more personalized. With our long experience we have gained the needed insights into customer expectations, we believe that we can give excellent customer services and solutions for them.

Like many business men say “There is no business without customers” , these words have become our reference to realize the supreme services. So far, Pro Sistem Indonesia has more than 200 customers in all industries, we manage to give them a great experience during our partnership. Take a look at the list below to know the variety of our customers.


Modern production factory needs an agile manufacturing IT for control and information. It benefits manufacturer to remain competitive in the marketplace, to grow productivity, to large expansion, and efficiency.


For banking and financial companies updating IT device is very crucial. Their technology need to adapt to progressive condition such as virtual transaction via internet banking, mobile banking, social media, and more complicated internal and external security threats. Our IT infrastructure solution can help them run the applications that process transactions, handles the customer data, and support the analytical tools.


The soul of hospitality business is creating great customer experience, and to realize this in the service, the hospitality companies must be able to switch and route consumers across different types of networks flexibly.


IT services for educational institution can solve many problems and challenges caused by low school budgets and the need for collaboration tools. Through our It solutions, the institution can increase opportunities for learning, improve the quality of education, encourage innovative teaching practices, and create new professional opportunities for teachers.

Oil and Gas

Energy companies are now using high technology to improve operating performance, the technology that can control and track equipment and analyze important data. It has recreated methods for locating, estimating and producing the oil and gas, making it possible for the companies to increase reserves and ramp up exploration.